Warehousing Service.

Based in Philadelphia, PA., our strategically located 300,000 sq. ft. warehouse can handle large palletized volume to meet the needs for your customers.

Warehousing Solutions for Retailers from End to End.

Shipmate Fulfillment invests time and expertise to fully understand your business' warehousing and storage needs. We take responsibility for ensuring the availability of labor, resources and equipment needed to control the flow of your goods.

Bulk Storage.

With our large storage footprint across 300,000 sq. ft. of space, Shipmate Fulfillment has the capacity to store thousands of palletized loads for Pallet-In/Pallet-Out fulfillment, Case Picking and Palletizing LTL, and other volume based requirements. If you require large palletized storage, seasonal storage, or extra capacity, we are here to help! Our expertise runs decades deep in B2B warehousing and our building is designed to handle the throughput.  


Our Receiving Team can handle LTL/FTL freight receptions, whether they are single SKU or mixed loads. We can accept 40' HQ floor loaded containers and will handle all the palletizing.  By default, our Receiving Team provides Quality Control (QC) on each reception, so if your shipment arrives damaged or anything else, we'll send a report. Transparency is important to our business and yours.


At our warehouse, you can benefit from our Crossdocking solutions, which enable you to transfer your cargo from shipping containers directly to outbound trailers and consolidate it with other freight, with little or no storage in-between. This eliminates the need for a Distribution Center at the port of entry, makes scheduling labor more efficient, and reduces inland transportation costs significantly.

pallet rack

Inventory Management.

As part of our core service, we effectively manage your inventory in our warehouse.  We optimize your storage by location, pick paths, volume, and more, and give you the ability to view your live inventory Availability, On Hand inventory, Bin Locations, and more online. We regularly perform cycle counts and spot checks, and can provide the data you need to run your business.


Here to Help Your Every Business Need.

Stop worrying about any warehousing problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.
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