About Us.

Warehousing has been in our family for over 40 years. We live and breath this stuff.

We give you control of your shipments .

Shipmate Fulfillment is built upon a rock solid (and concrete) foundation of family, warehousing, and technology expertise. Since 1984, we have operated our warehouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today, we combine both our logistical knowledge with the latest technology to bring the best service we can to our clients.


Shipped Items.
Our fulfillment department has picked and shipped millions of products and parcels over the years. We seen (almost) everything!
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Countries covered.
We have global coverage for shipping, whether you need to ship parcel, freight, or container. DDU & DDP options are available.
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Years of Warehousing.
Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and share the benefits with our customers.
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Our Company History.

Our focus is on building an efficient fulfillment service, while offering best-in-class service at affordable prices.

In 1973, Elie Antar and his brothers Morris and Isaac, opened the first Valu-Plus (originally Value Stores) location in Philadelphia. It was one of the first discount variety stores in downtown Philadelphia. The store had lines down and around the block for their opening week of business until the shelves were clear. The Antar brothers knew they had the right formula. In 1987, Valu-Plus began importing products from abroad. Over the next three decades, Valu-Plus grew into a regional chain, from stores all over Philadelphia, to New Jersey and Maryland. It served the urban community with affordable, quality products until 2011 when it was sold.

Unity Street was the primary hub for importing and retail distribution.

The Warehouse on 1501 Unity Street served as the main distribution center for the retail chain and its B2B wholesale division, where we processed over 2,500 tractor-trailer loads per year. In 2015, the warehouse was reactivated as a wholesale distribution and importing center.

Shipmate Fulfillment begins offering fulfillment and warehousing solutions to the public.

Shipmate Fulfillment is the next generation of the Antar family tradition with our  core focus on what we do best: fulfillment & distribution. We have the experience and capability to handle your products in an efficient & cost effective way. Our warehouse team is trained in dealing with any type of product. Some of our team members have been with us for 30 years. We offer full service LTL/FTL Distribution, Parcel Fulfillment, Kitting & Bundling with the latest production equipment, Smart Shipping Technology for the best available service, Integrations to Shopping Carts and Channels, and Customer Service. Shipmate is here to make your life easier. Let's partner and see what's possible!

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Multi Service Levels offered
for handling any type of business need.

Freight Fulfillment
Parcel Fulfillment
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Logistics Solutions to Help Businesses from End to End.

Based in Philadelphia, PA., our strategically located 300,000 sq. ft. warehouse can handle large palletized volume to meet the needs for your customers.
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What We Do.

From warehousing and handling to packaging and transport and distribution, our expert knowledge of each field of the logistics chain makes our offering unique
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Who We Help.

Shipmate Fulfillment offers integrated, single source solutions to meet the needs of every type of customer, regardless of size or location.
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With our client first approach, we apply our decades of combined experience into delivering the best warehousing and fulfillment service we can.
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Stop worrying about any shipping problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.
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