Value Added Services.

Shipmate Fulfillment offers a whole host of other services available to clients. If you don't see something, just ask!

Value added services.

Barcode Scanning.
Shipmate Fulfillment manages inventory and order fulfillment plans through barcode scanning for quality control and accuracy. We offer barcoding services for those in need of the labeling or design service.
Quality Control.
We can assist on performing quality control (QC) for your shipments. As a standard, we inspect each inbound shipment for visible damage or problems. If the need arises for additional inspection, we are available to meet your requirements.
We assist you with packing or re-packing of cargo based on specified requirements (i.e. re-packing cargo from damaged box into a new box).
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Cargo Sorting.
Got closeouts to sell? We can even help unassort and relabel items that come mixed in a box.
Returns Management.
Shipmate Fulfillment accepts returns from your store or channel. We provide basic level condition and RMA reporting so you know best how to handle the customer service.
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We bring visibility to your inventory, shipments, and billing through our system reports to help support your logistics and decision making processes.
Product Disposal.
If the need arises, we product product disposal services.
Packaging Optimization.
We assist you in sourcing & customizing the appropriate box or package type for your products. We provide optimization consultation for lowering your shipping costs. Every penny counts.
Our comprehensive labeling service can label units, cases, pallets, and more to your specification and with our expertise. Whether you need barcode labeling, FNSKU and FBA labels, or color label application, we can assist.
Marketing Materials & Inserts.
Have marketing materials? We can deal with marketing inserts of any kind. Whether it's a coupon, a feedback request, customer service info, or a story about your brand, we can handle any type of material insert for your packages.
Product Photography.
Shipmate Fulfillment supports an in-house photography studio. It's perfect for those white background eCommerce product photos you might need!
Kitting & Bundling.
Wanna sell those socks as a multipack? Now you can create new items to sell in an instant. We work with you on any of your kitting needs, and bring our expertise in production quality packaging.

Pick and choose among our value added services.

Our team of warehousing and distribution experts can help you with any of our value added services. You can directly contact us for more information and questions.


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