Kitting & Special Projects

We can handle any project or customization you throw our way.

From shrink wrapping, to labeling, to whatever else you need, we got you covered.

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Prekitting & Automated Shrinking

marketing inserts for packagesWanna sell those socks as a multipack? Now you can create new items to sell in an instant.

We work with you on any of your kitting needs, and bring our expertise in production quality packaging. We have state-of-the-art equipment to rapidly kit, shrink wrap, and label a variety of items.

Custom Packaging Design

Custum packing processWe assist you in sourcing & customizing the appropriate box or package type for your products. We provide optimization consultation for lowering your shipping costs. Every penny counts.

We can also accept your predesigned custom packaging and make sure your products are packaged safely inside.

Labeling & Unassorting

products ready to be shippedGot closeouts to sell? We can even help unassort and relabel items that come mixed in a box.

We can tackle any barcode or color labeling project necessary for your business. We work closely with you on the specifications and deliverables of your project so everything comes out ready to sell.

Marketing Materials & Inserts

marketing inserts for packagesHave marketing materials? No problem. We can deal with marketing inserts of any kind.

Whether it's a coupon, a feedback request, customer service info, or a story about your brand, we can handle any type of material insert for your packages. Our full service includes sourcing & printing, if needed.

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