H-Tape Method: How to Seal a Box for Shipping



Have you ever had a package arrive on your doorstep, only to find that the packing tape has failed? You can avoid this issue by using the H-Tape method. The H-Tape method reinforces the seal of a box and provides additional support. In this article we will break down the steps of a successful H-seal.

crop man sealing cardboard box with tape
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Step One: Unfold And Build Your Box

The first step in sealing a box using the H-seal method is to unfold the box and erect it for packing. This will give you a solid foundation to work with.

Step Two: Tape The Bottom Flap

The next step is to tape the bottom flap of the box shut using packing tape. Make sure that the adhesive side of the tape is facing towards the box and secure it in place by pressing down firmly. This will create a watertight seal for your H seal.

Step Three: H-Tape The Side Flaps Of Your Box

The H-tape method requires three tape total in various lengths depending on the size of your box. The first piece was used used in step on, cut two additional long strips from a roll and place them parallel to each other across both side flaps, allowing about an inch extra for overlapping at each end. This will give the bottom of the box a seal in the shape of an "H" hence the name H-seal method.

Step Four: Pack The Box

Fill your box with the items you intend to ship and seal it up. H-tape is perfect for reinforcing boxes and will help secure the items within your box

Step Five: H-Tape The Top Of Your Box

Repeat steps two and three, but this time on the top of your box. This will give you an H-seal on the top of your box to match the one on the bottom. After this your package is secure and watertight.

Step Six: Ship It!

Finally apply your shipping label and off your package goes. H-tape is a simple way to give you peace of mind that the box will arrive in good condition.


H-seal method can be used on any type of box, but it's especially useful when securing heavy or large boxes because all three pieces are placed on the same plane. H-tape method is a great way to secure packages for shipping, giving you peace of mind that your package will arrive in good condition.

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