Common Pitfalls Of International Parcel Shipping

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Common Pitfalls Of International Parcel Shipping

For anyone who ships products internationally, there are a few potential pitfalls that can trip you up if you're not careful. In this blog post, we'll run through some of the most common problems with international parcel shipping, so you can avoid them in your own business. Read on to learn more!

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Not understanding customs information and documents

Understanding customs and the documents needed to ship an international parcel can be overwhelming. Depending on where the item is being shipped, customs may charge additional taxes or require customs forms for clearance. It is important to understand the customs information and to ensure you have filled out all the required documents correctly - otherwise, it could delay your shipment or prevent it from moving through customs at all. Taking the time to understand customs can help clarify this area of parcel shipping and make sure that your parcel gets through without a hitch!

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Not properly insuring your shipment

When it comes to international parcel shipping, not properly insuring your shipment can be a risky decision. Without the proper protection, higher rates of lost parcels and longer transit times are likely due to issues in customs or unexpected delays. Even if these obstacles don't present themselves, damage incurred during transport cannot be recovered from the carrier unless the package is insured. There's no shortage of insurance options for businesses utilizing international parcel shipping, so make sure you are taking advantage of them to minimize potential losses and maximize successful deliveries!

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Not packing your items securely

When shipping items overseas, packing is essential. Not packing your items securely can cause them to shift inside the box or container, often leading to additional transit time, more handling and possible inspection. It's important take special care when packing as it increases the chance that your parcel will reach its destination quickly and safely. Make sure you use a quality material such as corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap or foam peanuts to keep the contents safe and secure during transit.

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Not understanding the elevated costs of international shipping

When shipping items internationally, it can be more expensive than domestic shipping due to a few factors. The main drivers of these higher costs are more complex supply networks and more taxes and duties that need to be paid before delivery is complete. When it comes to businesses', engaging in international parcel shipping can become less profitable when these additional costs are taken into account, as they need to make up for the additional expenses incurred in their product prices or through lower margins. However, customers can still benefit from these services, as the wide variety of potential items available at their fingertips more than makes up for the extra expense.

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Trying to ship prohibited items

Shipments of certain items are not allowed by international parcel shipping services, including things that are considered banned or illegal. Certain weapons, medications, and any materials that could be used for fraudulent purposes are not permissible to ship. In fact, many companies even have special documentation processes in place to ensure that all packages comply with the regulations of both countries involved. If the rules aren't followed precisely and the package contains an item not approved for transport, fees may apply or the package may not make it past customs. It's important to familiarize yourself with the general list of prohibited items and their restrictions before attempting to ship anything internationally.

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Shipping internationally can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider, from customs regulations to packing your items securely. And if something goes wrong – whether it's an accident or you're trying to ship prohibited items – you could end up losing a lot of money. That's why it's important to partner with a reputable shipping company that knows what they're doing and can help you avoid these common mistakes.

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