Case Study: 1M+ Bottles Shipped with VitaminEnergy®


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VitaminEnergy Cars

VitaminEnergy® is an energy drink company that produces energy shots packed with their proprietary blend of vitamins and caffeine that eliminates any sugar crash. Their energy shots are specifically designed to support a specific health function, from immune support to recovery. By design VitaminEnergy® is sugar and carb free, enabling ketosis activated drinkers to maintain the keto metabolic state, allowing fat to continue to convert into ketones as a continued energy source. They offer a wide variety of great flavors to try.

Key Metrics:

VitaminEnergy Drink Flavors

Given today’s extra focus on health and living an active life, the folks at VitaminEnergy® developed the perfect formulas for the right balance of sustaining daily energy and delivering the right combination of nutrients for each individual’s needs. As VitaminEnergy® business grew, they found that they needed a fulfillment partner to handle the needs of their business-to-business distribution, kitting projects, and to help scale their eCommerce growth.

As Brittany Black of VitaminEnergy® recalled, “One fulfillment mistake to our distributors can cost us thousands, so we needed to make sure Shipmate can ship on time, accurately, and professionally. We were shipping over 100,000 bottles a month and the fulfillment needed to be quick. Once we started working with the team over at Shipmate Fulfillment, we couldn’t believe how much better our distribution got. They are responsive, professional, and customizable to our needs to help bring us to the next level.”

“We worked with other 3PL’s previously and evaluated others before choosing Shipmate Fulfillment. Their location, scale, and great attitude gave us the confidence to work with them. After switching to Shipmate, they helped us immensely in getting setup and from then on, our operations were much smoother. It was one of the best decisions we made in our recent company history.”

What’s Next for the VitaminEnergy® Journey:

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VitaminEnergy® partnered with Shipmate Fulfillment in 2019. They scaled so fast that they decided to buy their own manufacturing plant in a nearby state and produce their beverages in house. Shipmate Fulfillment is very proud to be part of their journey. Their drinks can be found online on Amazon and Walmart, and across major retailers in the United States.

“If you’re considering outsourcing your fulfillment, I highly recommend Shipmate Fulfillment.”

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